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Heavy-Duty Swimstep Bracket

    This 30' Hallett was equipped with an extra large 30" teak swim step to clear the drives and extension boxes; However the boat was only equipped with 4 standard length light-duty swim step brackets (Highlighted in Green Above). With the weight of multiple persons on the swim step it would bend the brackets and overhang of the swim step, causing the teak to begin delaminating at the joints. Our Solution was to fabricate new outer brackets with thicker material on the transom mounting surface, a 0.500" thick inner stainless gusset, laterally upper mounting holes, and a 1.250" Stainless reinforcing tube that met the extents of the bracket to reduce overall overhang. The parts were fabricated, checked for fit, welded, and then sent out to our polisher. Our bracket is highlighted in red above, and illustrated in the images below.

The 0.500" Gusset and 0.1875" transom plate were cut on our Omax waterjet.